Unique apartment design ideas

Looking at the living area, it tried to achieve more of a classic look. The walls are made from warm white bricks, which are carefully placed in a common brick pattern. It goes great with the flooring, which has medium dark, large wood plank look. The couch and the curtain are both in blue, which enhances the living room area and gives it a more fleshed-out look. Finally, the table is made out of a slice of a tree trunk, which finalizes the classic look. Keep in mind that the living room of this apartment was not designed to be completely old-fashioned, it was rather inspired by such a style. It is a modernized-classic interior.
Going to the kitchen area, it is completely modern. All white kitchen cabinets, microwave, and oven grant it such a look. In addition, the wall behind a faucet is covered in smooth white tiles put together in a modern, vertical zigzag pattern. The black details, such as cabinet handles, a faucet, and even the kettle finalizes the modern look of the kitchen area. Besides, the lamp and the kitchen hood are all-metallic, which is a great interior choice to balance out the all-white look in the kitchen. Finally, the flooring of the kitchen area is made from small white and black octagonal tiles, which produces a black-dot pattern. The majority of the tiles are white, which meshes with most of the interior, while scarcely used black pieces go together with beforehand mentioned cabinet handles and other black details.

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